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What We Do

My Guarantor Loans specializes in providing the most competitive homeowner guarantor loan offers in the UK. We cater to people who are having a hard time getting approved for a personal loan from major banks and lenders. If you have poor credit rating or bad credit and even history of ccjs, defaults or bankruptcy, getting approved for a loan is definitely harder than usual. To make it easier for borrowers, My Guarantor Loans was established to give you accessible sources of funding no matter your financial situation. As long as you can find a family member, a friend or a colleague who trusts you enough to be your guarantor, you can apply and expect for fast approval at My Guarantor Loans.

Why Choose Us

When it comes to fast and convenience cash, My Guarantor Loans is your number source of funding. As a leading and trusted guarantor loan application site for borrowers in the UK, we boast one of highest approval rates not to mention that we also carry the most competitive deals available online. Add to that our fast payout. Provided that the requirements are ready beforehand and your guarantor is ready to cosign the debt agreement, we can process same day payouts. That means less stress on your part especially since you won't get credit scored at all. And best of all, we don't have hidden costs like set-up or early repayment fees.

What is a Guarantor Loan?

A homeowner guarantor loan is a type of personal loan where the borrower must find a guarantor who will co-sign the loan application. Your guarantor must be a homeowner in the UK and has good credit to qualify. With a guarantor backing you up, you can now borrow from £500 up to £7,500 at a more affordable interest rate and Representative APR than other bad credit personal loans such as logbook loans and payday loans.
With respect to repayment terms, you can choose to pay off the loan in 12 months to 60 months at a competitive average Representative APR of 50%. Again, compared with payday loans and logbook loans, guarantor loans are the most affordable quick cash solution for people with bad credit.
Click here if you want to know more about how guarantor loans work.

Are you Eligible?

If you're interested and ready to apply for a guarantor loan at My Guarantor Loans, here are the requirements. For the borrower, you must be at least 18 years old and a resident of UK. You can be self-employed, working part time or full time. You must also have a bank account in the UK for the money transfer. But more importantly, you need to find a guarantor who can be your family, friend or colleague granted that he or she is not financially link to you.
For your guarantor to qualify, he or she must be 21 years old or older, a homeowner in the UK and should have good credit. The guarantor must be willing to co-sign the debt agreement where he or she agrees to shoulder the repayments and consequences in the event that you fail to keep up with your responsibilities as borrower.

Why Guarantor Loans?

Though not as widely advertised as payday loans and other types of personal loans, guarantor loans actually come with many advantages that make the financial product a far better choice.
Guarantor loans, for one, offer larger loan amounts. With payday loans, you can only borrow up to £1,000 payable on your next payday. With guarantor loans, you can borrow up to £7,500 or more depending on your lender hence more needs are met. It follows that the financial product also offer longer terms allowing you to adjust the repayment to fit with your budget.
When it comes to convenience, guarantor loans fast online application which you can accomplish in minutes and fast payout. The money may be wired to your account within the same day you applied if you have the requirements and your guarantor ready beforehand.
Finally, the biggest advantage for guarantor loans is the cost. Compared to other options with Representative APRs of 400% and 1,000%, guarantor loans are definitely more affordable. The APR on average is only 50% which means lower interest all in all.
If you’re convinced that a guarantor loan is the best financial product for your needs, you can start comparing deals today at http://www.uswitch.com/loans/personal-loans-uk/.

How to Apply

If you're ready to receive your quick and convenient cash from My Guarantor Loans, simply follow our three-step application process. Fill out our online application form with the loan amount and repayment period you have in mind. We'll review your application and assess your financial situation. We'll also check your guarantor's eligibility. Once your requirements and guarantor are verified, we'll send you a confirmation about your loan's approval. Once approved, you can expect the money to be wired directly to your bank.
Only at My Guarantor Loans will you be able to enjoy instant response to your application. Because we know that you need the money as soon as possible, we aim to processes all applications in a day and hopefully send you the money within the same day too.

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